004: How to Step Away From the Day-to-Day and Focus on Growing Your Business

Spend your time and attention on what matters most

In this episode, we’ll look at a framework to develop your front line people to fearlessly execute the day-to-day operations and free yourself up to put more time and attention in growing your business.

A lot of the change that’s going to be needed will be with you, the leader, not just your front line of people.


  • Are you concerned with keeping operations running every day?
  • Are the weekly results of your business inconsistent, moving in a sawtooth from good to poor without a clear reason why?
  • Are you missing out on connecting with new and existing customers because you’re wrapped up in day-to-day operations?
  • Do you have a sense that you need to develop new products and services for the future but haven’t found the time to focus on it?
  • How often have you experienced this idea, we have time to rework our products but not to make them right the first time?

Show Notes:

Book: Run Improve Grow: Your Roadmap from Firefighting to Bold Business Growth by Ray Attiyah

Website: Definity Partners website

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