005: How to Develop New Skills to Improve Your Business in 2018

Get started on creating your future and the future of your factory

The world is changing and we need to continually learn new skills to successfully create our future. How fast we and our organization can learn may determine whether we can remain relevant and competitive.

Just executing what we know how to do today will not be sufficient to create our success tomorrow.

As you think back, the skills and technologies present today did not even exist when we were in engaged in our formal educational years.

Learning new skills requires practice, it’s not enough to learn new ideas that provide us with awareness.

This post is about describing a framework for how you might develop new skills more quickly.

004: How to Step Away From the Day-to-Day and Focus on Growing Your Business

Spend your time and attention on what matters most

In this episode, we’ll look at a framework to develop your front line people to fearlessly execute the day-to-day operations and free yourself up to put more time and attention in growing your business.

A lot of the change that’s going to be needed will be with you, the leader, not just your front line of people.


  • Are you concerned with keeping operations running every day?
  • Are the weekly results of your business inconsistent, moving in a sawtooth from good to poor without a clear reason why?
  • Are you missing out on connecting with new and existing customers because you’re wrapped up in day-to-day operations?
  • Do you have a sense that you need to develop new products and services for the future but haven’t found the time to focus on it?
  • How often have you experienced this idea, we have time to rework our products but not to make them right the first time?

Show Notes:

Book: Run Improve Grow: Your Roadmap from Firefighting to Bold Business Growth by Ray Attiyah

Website: Definity Partners website

002: How to Find, Identify, and Take Massive Action on Your Great Work

Stop the busywork and start the work that matters.

In the book, Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork and Start the Work That Matters by Michael Bungay Stanier talks about good, great and bad work.

Today, I talk about how you can begin incorporating great work into your daily schedule so you can skyrocket your factory to success.


  • The difference between bad, good, and great work.
  • What you can do today to get started on your great work.
  • Why great work will move the needle faster than any other task you can do daily.


In the comments, tell me one thing you can do today that will help you identify and spend more time on your great work?


001: Why I Began the Leading the Factory Forward Podcast

Coaching and developing manufacturing leaders and business owners to success.

In today’s inaugural podcast, I’m going to talk about who I am, and what I hope to be sharing with you, so let’s get started.

My goal is to help manufacturing leaders deliver great products, earn a great living, and learn how to make themselves and their organizations even better.


  • What do I do?
  • Who I work with?
  • Why does it work?
  • What makes me different?

You can also follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook.


In the comment, tell me what you’re struggling with…