Work With Me

After reviewing the following services that I offer, if you have any questions or would like to have additional conversation on how I might be able to support you, please go to my Contact page to connect with me.



My services:

One time “Jump Start” session – 60 minutes

First, we will work together to capture the commitments that you have in front of you.

Second, we will explore what your key intentions are for the near future.

Third, we move toward gaining clear alignment between your intentions and commitments.

Fourth, we will create strategies to build forward momentum immediately and continuing over time.


One on One Coaching

If you have specific project or event. It might be helpful to have a 4 week coaching program to support you in the execution of that event.

If you are building a longer term effort, such as identified in the Jump Start session, then an 8 to 12 week program may be most useful in sustaining the plan and momentum that you created.

Based on your goals and needs, we can select an appropriate coaching timeline.


Consulting for Manufacturing Excellence

We will work together on a review of your organizational goals and determine where the greatest leverage can be found. This might be in process development and documentation, lean activities, employee development, or leadership development.

I will help you locate those leverage points an decide on the best tools to develop them.

Whatever the chosen area for improvement, my particular focus is on helping you implement it in that “Last Mile” to the factory floor. Together we will implement what it will take to help the people and processes create customer value day after day.